Together we fight for those living in war-torn Ukraine!

The war continues and millions of people are affected. Thanks to donations, we are there to help.

The war continues and many people are in distress.

The need for humanitarian assistance is very high in parts of Ukraine. We are present in the places where the need for help is greatest. We ensure that the donations actually reach those most in need.
OperationChange is an independent charity organization working in Sweden, Poland and Ukraine - for Ukraine.

We are professional and volunteer-driven. We build our activities on local actors and cooperation with institutions, organizations and companies. The grassroots initiatives in different places around Sweden play an important role in raising awareness and mobilizing support.
We collect

We coordinate the collection of money and material humanitarian aid.

We distribute

We plan the logistics and make sure the aid gets all the way from those who donate to those who really need it.

We quality assure

We ensure that donations generate maximum value, reach their intended recipients and provide feedback to donors.

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